CIBC is committed to helping students reach their educational goals. That’s why they’ve established the CIBC National Student Centre, one of Canada’s leading Government Student Loan administration centres. The centre is designed to provide students with timely, accurate and consistent answers about all aspects of Government Sponsored Student Loans, including how to process your loan document and how to receive your loan money as quickly as possible. The National Student Center is also responsible for consolidation and collection of  student loans. The best part is that the center is just a toll-free call away. If you have a question, call 1-800-563-2422 at anytime between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m., your local time, Monday to Friday. For your convenience bilingual service is available. Call Toll-Free at 1-800-563-2422 or on the Internet at our CIBC Website.

Gaining more independence, making you own decisions, taking charge of your’s all part of being a student. Your dreams and ambitions are starting to take shape now, and whatever you see for yourself is what CIBC would like to help you achieve.

Along with the excitement of your independence come important responsibilities. Balancing a budget, meeting your living expenses, and making tuition payments are all part of your personal financial management. If you find yourself overwhelmed by it all, or if you just need more information, you can find sound advice and sensible answers at CIBC.

Managing Your Money
Budgeting and saving can be your greatest assets in facing the financial challenges of your education. We offer information and advice to help you manage your money while in school and to help you plan for your success after you graduate. We’re even included a budgeting tool to help you Calculate Your Expenses for the school year.

Choosing Your School
Looking for the university or college that’s  right for you can be exciting and challenging, too. You’ll need to consider things like location, tuition and programs. We’ve provided links to the Web sites of a number of different educational institutes across Canada to help make the information-gathering process easier.

Financing Your Education
With the high cost of post-secondary education, many students are wondering how they’ll be able to pay for school. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about credit and how to manage it, including Government Sponsored  Student Loans and CIBC Personal Loans for Students. Once you’re approved for a Canada Student Loan, you’ll also need to complete a Student Loan Agreement.